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People are the Key is a collaboration between three established businesses:
emotional intelligence at work
High Growth Knowledge Company.
We work with businesses and other organisations which have issues with conflict in the workplace or with staff engagement.
We use coaching, mentoring, consultancy

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Are your people in conflict?

Conflict in an organisation is sometimes obvious and other times it is quietly festering.  If you avoid it and use conflict constructively, your organisation will flourish.  Some organisations ignore it because it is a difficult subject to tackle, but it underpins so many other symptoms of a non-thriving environment that we believe you can’t afford to look the other way.

We help your people improve self-awareness around conflict behaviours.


Are your people engaged?

Engagement is a really interesting word.  A lot of organisations believe their people are engaged.  But just because you are present, it doesn’t mean you are engaged.  The question is, how is it being at work, is it a really great place to be?

We create a safe environment to enable your people to share what they really think and feel.  They can have productive conversations which ensure that the people and the organisation thrive, and the needs the both are met.

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How we help

Because many of the symptoms of disengagement and conflict are inter-related, we take an integrated approach. This will be delivered as a project made up of multiple interventions. Tackling one symptom and leaving the rest unaddressed is likely to result in a business reverting to the status quo. A successful project is likely to require several practitioners, each specialised in a different area, who are good at working with each other.

Our main areas of service delivery are:

Staff motivation and engagement
We partner with Engagement Multiplier to facilitate the engagement and ongoing participation of everyone in your organisation.

Behavioural styles
This tool uses DISC. It helps people in organisations better understand why they are like who they are and helps them easily identify other people’s characteristics and behaviours, enabling working relationships to be understood and managed more effectively.

Emotional intelligence
We use a small number of psychological models to help individuals gain insight into the motivations for their actions, feelings and beliefs.

Our teamship model integrates concepts of leadership and followership to produce a powerful model of management and development.

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