Are your people engaged?

Engagement is a really interesting word and a lot of organisations believe their people are engaged.  Just because you are present doesn’t mean you are engaged.  It is more of a question of how is it being at work, is it a really great place to be?

So, signs to look for are:

  • Are you having difficulty in recruiting – the WOM about your organisation might not be as good as you think.
  • Is it a good place to share ideas and do those ideas thrive in your organisation?
  • Are your people coming to work but not really enjoying the delivery of their roles?
  • Are they missing deadlines?
  • Are they consciously or unconsciously withholding effort?

We create a safe environment to enable your people to share what they really think and feel and to have productive conversations to ensure that they and the organisation thrive and the needs the both are met.  We genuinely find that some will leave following this work and that is a positive outcome to free up the time of management to focus on the people who want to thrive.  This provides a clear path and ultimately more enjoyment to the management team to focus the majority of their time on the people who do have a desire to change and want to be heard and be part of the organisation.

Your people will:

  • Have a range of tools and techniques to continue the discussions
  • Improve their performance
  • Be in flow and flourish
  • Enjoy coming to work and be proud of where they work

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After you work with us…

We will help you to design and deliver a solution which improves most, or all, of the areas below.

Your organisation

  • growth in size (clients, staff, services/products, etc)
  • growth in income (if desired)
  • other types of growth, as deemed important to the client
  • financial security.

The people in the organisation

  • engagement
  • communication
  • teamwork
  • respect
  • well-being
  • productivity
  • insight
  • initiative (being proactive
  • motivation (wanting to be proactive).


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