Kim Jones

“Kim is brilliant to work with—she is clear and methodical, really understands how to explain things and is an excellent listener. She also has an enormous wealth of knowledge she is able to share at the right moment for the right thing. She is able to tailor her service to meet the need of the recipient and is fantastic at working out the needs required. The other thing I would say about Kim is that she always follows up what she is doing in a way that makes you feel like she has gone the extra mile and has got your back.”—Helene Jewell, Jewell Facilitation

Jeremy Marchant

“Jeremy, a very big thank you for working with me this evening.  I am always amused and perplexed by your style, yet for me as a client tonight there were many moments of eye wandering comprehension as, aided by your questioning, I unpacked what was going on.  I really had reached the edge, through lack of sleep or whatever.  Your gentle yet firm probings really helped guide me back from there and into an empowered space.  I’m even smiling as I type this!”—Philip Brown, NLP master practitioner


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